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Selective Investing


We target identifying truly compelling investment opporunities that have ample capital appreciation, while understanding the margin of safety. We thoroughly research companies using our proprietary fundamental criteria. We see only a small portion of the market opportunity meeting our requirements for investment. This focus aims to have a high success rate in the positions in which we invest.  

Client Partnership


We seek to generate returns on our investments to add value for our clients and ourselves. We invest along side our client partners given our conviction in our process and philosophy. We see no stronger statement.  Our direct investment capability also eliminates the layered fee structure in most advisor relationships.

Long Term Approach


Wealth creation is maximized by taking advantage of time and compounding returns supported by a disciplined investment process.  This approach is both tax efficient and minimizes cost for the investor.

FOCUSED PORTFOLIOS                                                                                              
“Our evidence indicates a positive relation between fund performance and managers' willingness to take big bets in a relatively small number of stocks. Concentrated managers outperform their more broadly diversified counterparts by approximately 30 basis points, each month, or roughly 4% annualized.” 


Fund Managers Who Take Big Bets: Skilled or Overconfident: Klaas P. Baks, Jeffrey A. Busse, and T. Clifton Green March 2006 (Emory University, Giozueta Business School)




We are steadfast in our approach to identify leading investment opportunities and rigorous in our process to construct high quality portfolios for our clients

LONG TERM COMPOUNDING RETURNS                                                        

A study by Wotherspoon and Longmeier [2006] of investment manager performance demonstrated that, for a typical active manager, taxes reduced investment returns by 2 percent per year on average. This is due to frequent trading and the resulting short-term capital gains taxes  



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